Saturday, 12 April 2008

Guess where we went today?
Two girls (just!) meeting Shamu. Little Fish wasn't so sure but Mog was absolutely transfixed.
Next stop Antarctica.
Little Fish preferred these fine creatures.

Such a busy day! We didn't see the Shamu show, but did sit down to see the dolphins. Both girls were very interested, until one of the whales did a big bellyflop directly in front of us and drowned us all in a huge great tidal wave. I know it was hot, but that was a little too refreshing for Little Fish at least! Mog was in stitches, and kept giggling until her dress dried.

Then we came back home and found this.
Little Fish objected to being asked to leave baby behind. So she threw a strop, threw the buggy, and was dragged screeching from the room!

Tomorrow we're taking things easy - Little Fish is getting a bit "precious" and definitely needs a day without excitements, Mog is very happy, but coughing and stiff, and needs a day chilling out, and Mary and I need a day where we don't have to lift little girls in and out of taxis!



Doorless said...

Enjoy your day of relaxation. Bet Little Fish will have a good day too. She is so cute. So glad you are having a great time and good weather.

Rx said...

every whale is called shamu by Beth - stuffed or real - after our first visit to Seaworld....sounds like a fun day.
enjoy your relaxation day..

Δρ Νικος Kanakas said...


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