Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Water Baby!

Apparently today was one of the coldest April days on record here in Florida. Thankfully, we're from England, and it really seemed to be rather jolly warm to us. So, naturally, we spent the day doing this:

I don't usually upload videos of the girls but how could anyone resist Little Fish and the Fountains? Anyone still wondering where her nickname came from?

We went to Epcot today and the girls (and the grownups) had a wonderful time. Every day, when we have been coming home, I have asked Little Fish what her favourite thing about that day has been. Rather sweetly, so far her favourite thing each day has been Mog. Sisterly love, ahhhh. Today however Mog lost out; the best thing ever was "Pah BAH PAP Awer" (also known as splash, splash, SPLAT, shower). Sorry Mog!

Mog enjoyed it too but as her wheelchair is a little fatter with rather more expensive adaptations she stuck to dabbling her toes. Quite how much dabbling she did we didn't realise until later on, when we realised her shoes were still dripping. Little Fish meanwhile is overjoyed with her new emergency outfit (I didn't think just stripping her and spreading her clothes on the concrete to dry would go down terribly well, so Mog and I nipped off and bought her a new Disney dress, thankfully Mog thought it was funny that LF was so wet and was giggling about that rather than getting upset about not being the subject of a shopping trip), and I should like to reassure any native Floridians reading this (Hi, Alesha!) that we didn't catch hypothermia, it was just pleasantly refreshing on what still felt like a pretty warm day.

Oh, we also got to ride a boat through Mexico with Donald Duck, had lunch in Japan (Little Fish enjoyed Teriaki Chicken, M and I enjoyed Udon noodles, and Mog enjoyed the atmosphere), took a trip in a time machine with Dame Judi Dench, and got to press the button to make a fire engine start its flashing lights. Now if the girls would just settle to sleep, we'd be all set.


Alesha said...

Oh, thank you for including that video! That mouth-wide-opened grin was just priceless!

I'm so glad noone caught pneumonia in the frigid air today!!! It must be true what they say about living in southern temperatures thins the blood, because it sure felt chilly to ME today!!!

So happy that you had a great time!

MOM2_4 said...

TOO CUTE!! Glad you came to Japan for lunch ;o)

Doorless said...

How fun!

PMDPeter said...

Wonderful Tia. She certainly is enjoying every moment of the visit. Water babe she is.

Tina said...

How delightful Tia...she looks so happy...I know a wonderful place to take her near the summer camp!
Safe Journey home!


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