Monday, 3 November 2008

Cry Freedom?

The moment I've been waiting for.
The school bus pulled up, both girls shouted in excitement and we loaded them in.
I turned around and walked back inside my empty house.

The floors are clear, the washing up's done, the shopping is put away and I've had breakfast.

So now what?

There's a silence where there should be little voices, even if those little voices have had me longing for silence all week.



Anonymous said...

Make a cuppa, find a good book, put your feet up for half an hour!



mq, cb said...

Why don't you sew something? You could make yourself or the girls new outfits for Christmas. Think of all that lovely material in the cupboard, calling to you ...

Cathy said...

Enjoy it. I am!

Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful. Do you find yourself less organized when they are gone? It rarely happens here and when it does I find I start something then another then go back and then start another. Just don't know how to handle it!


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