Sunday, 30 November 2008

Five Frustrating Things Before Coffee

Forget six impossible things before breakfast, that's easy.

1. Feline mayhem - no, not catfights, they have all been apparently quite civilised overnight, each finding their own sleeping point and none of them eating the Super Chunks. But one of them who shall remain nameless vomited on my duvet at 5AM. I was underneath it at the time.

2. When unceremoniously turfed off the bed, said cat did not make his way immediately to the catflap, apologising for the inconvenience, but turned to climb back on the bed again, ensuring that with his second puke he caught the pile of clothing on the floor.

3. We went to the out of hours GP last night as Mog's cough appeared to be getting worse again - he had a listen and declared all well. I'm actually happy with that - sometimes the duty doctors just wave a stethoscope in front of her and magically declare her lungs to be full of grot. So to have one who listened careful and then decided she didn't have an infection was great. That's not the infuriating bit. The infuriating bit is getting back home with one grinning "hah, fooled you" little girl, putting said girl to bed and listening to her immediately start wheezing and obstructing and giving great big chesty coughs, none of which she produced for the doctor.

4. Our carer turned up early. It's a petty annoyance rather than a massive grievance, but those ten minutes before she was due I had earmarked for a shower and hairwash. So now I'm sitting here grumpy and grubby, and she is readying the bathroom for Mog's morning routine.

5. Mog is sleeping sweetly, breathing easily, silently, and without any hint of problems. This is possibly more annoying than any of the others - why? Because this is what I needed her to be doing at 9 o'clock last night. And 10 o'clock, and midnight, and 1, all of which times I got to see in either trying to reposition her in bed or finally giving up and putting her back in her wheelchair instead.

Now I can hear Little Fish making little murmurings from her bed, and as she has so far not annoyed or irritated me this morning, and as I have finished my first cup of coffee, she's probably a good person for me to go and cuddle. I wonder how long it'll take before she winds me up too. Perhaps I need an attitude readjustment. Or possibly just more coffee.


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