Saturday, 1 November 2008

I am officially a cantankerous old woman.

So, yesterday we had a doctor's appointment. Standard cold weather practice - waiting room full of coughs and sneezes, too many patients, too little space, no one desperately ill (ourselves included), but lots of misery being spread about.

It's a fairly large practice with a fair few doctors. And the nurses were busy doing a 'flu clinic on top. Lots of elderly patients with zimmer frames and walking sticks. Lots of chesty children flaking out on their parents. Toddlers accompanying sick parents bouncing off the walls a bit and babies dribbling on the floor.

So who on earth decided it would be appropriate to let their child bring their scooter in? And not just bring it in, but ride it around, up and down the corridors and around all the piles of poorly patients?

There's a large pram bay just inside the main door where you can park these things.

I was busy getting outrageously indignant about it, when I realised that I had officially turned into my grandmother.


Pass me that walking stick so I can stick it between her spokes and send her flying and let me wear something purple.



Anonymous said...

How strange! I would have never thought to let a child ride a scooter in the clinic. I love the suggestion to use the walking stick! Way to go!

mq, cb said...

It comes to us all. Go with it, I say.

Elinor said...

For true grandmother style, you have to wear red AND purple (like that poem).


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