Saturday, 8 November 2008

google roundup

how to get marmite on cats paw. Open jar of Marmite. Insert cat's paw. Drive to A&E to have your wounds stitched up. Alternatively, take a small teaspoon, insert into the jar of Marmite, rub it onto the cat's paw.

if a cat eats marmite will it affect the cat. Our cats have not been negatively affected by eating Marmite. To be fair though, I've only laced it with their own prescribed medication. I haven't seen a cat eat an entire jar.
annie's fishin' kids. What? And how did you find us searching for them? I hope they turned up. Or is Annie fishing for children? Goats with angling kit?

keys do bananas. Again, this confuses me. Since several people find me by looking for it, could one of you clarify please? I need my sleep, and this is causing me to lose some of it. Admittedly not much, but even so.

how do saucepans heat up food. Seriously? OK, you put the food into the saucepan. If it is dry food like pasta or rice, you probably want to put water in the saucepan too. If it is a tin of something like baked beans, just open the tin and pour the contents into the saucepan. Then you need to put the saucepan on the hob. And turn the hob on. If it is a electric hob, just turn the dial beside it until the element gets hot. If it's gas, you might need to turn the dial and light a match at the same time. Light the match before you turn the dial unless balls of flame are your idea of a good time. Make sure the ring you have lit is the one underneath the saucepan. Assuming that what you are heating is a can of beans, stir this occasionally with a wooden spoon. You can use a tin spoon but the handle will get hot. We don't like burns here. When there are big bubbles of air coming through the beans the sauce is boiling and your beans are ready to eat. Turn the ring off again and eat the beans from the saucepanpour the beans onto a plate. If it's pasta or rice, just watch to make sure it doesn't boil too hard, if the water comes rushing up the sides of the pan, turn the heat down a little. If the water stops moving altogether, turn it up. Keep going until the food is cooked.

Or, if you want the shorter pithier response, saucepans heat up food by a process called convection; they allow the heat from the flame to pass through their base and it heats the food.
what makes good fostercarer. Good question - I'll answer it in a different post if I may.

something that cover the bed from the ceiling. Oh so many possibilities. Plaster and paint chips when people bounce on the floor above? Cobwebs from an overactive spider? Or the decorative net Mog has, which looks like a superfancy mosquito net?

why does whizz fizz. Because the Buzz Duzz.

her name could be goldie. It could. But in this case, it isn't. I named her Goldie on the blog for various different reasons linked to her physical appearance, her taste in music and literature, and her personality. It suited her well.

girls name short for mog. Short for Mog? Mo? M? Og?

how to clean burnt on food on saucepan? Are you related to the how to use them querant? It's best, if possible, to avoid burning the food on in the first place. This can be prevented or greatly reduced by supervising food when it cooks, by stirring food around as it cooks, ensuring there is a sufficient quantity of liquid in the food, and reducing the heat under the food.

Once you do have burnt on food, cleaning it off will depend on the coating inside the pan. If you have a non-stick pan, then soak it in water with washing up liquid, and gently gently rub at it with a soft but somewhat knobbly scrubber suitable for teflon. It'll take forever. You will get bored. You will be tempted to use a scouring pad. This is why I no longer have non-stick coatings on my pans.

Assuming then that you have nice stainless steel pans like wot we've got, soak them again but you can sling some caustic soda into the soak if you like. Scrape at them with a knife, scrub them with a brillo pad, do whatever you like to them and they'll come back gleaming. Lovely.

If your saucepan is cast-iron, then the burn will add to the flavour. Don't worry about it.

If you have super duper cheap lightweight camping pans, and if the burnt on food is something like rice which has boiled dry, you may wish to consider the ultimate solution - bin them.

So what are you doing this summer? Going on holiday or something? How nice of you to ask. We are off to Tenby for a week in June with the Harriet Davis Trust. We're thinking about possibly starting to plan a Guide Camp at some point too, just need to tie down dates and locations. And then I have a scheduling conflict, and will have to choose between our Special Kids camp and New Wine. Friends we see just once a year, a big camp with lots of families, loads of disabled children, or camping with our church family, fewer disabled children but lots of worship and teaching. I've got until the end of the month to decide. Oh, and rumour has it we'll be up in Northern Scotland at some point too, need to tweak those details. How about you? And, what were you actually looking for when you googled that?

red rash from working in a nursing home. Look into latex allergy.

why mummy? Don't you start, I get enough of that already!


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Anonymous said...

a little bit on non bio washing powder in the bottom of the pan with a tad of water will lift all the burnt bits to the surface!


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