Sunday, 23 November 2008

Take the high road.

We are home.

Friday we drove 390 miles in 8 hours, dropped into bed and collapsed. I realise the distance is puny to those of you not based on this tiny island, but it was a long drive for us. I was relegated to the back seat of Mum and Dad's "big" car. This is a Nissan Primera (about half the size of our van, but quieter, more efficient, faster, and more comfortable for anyone not sitting where I was sitting). Take two larger than average children's carseats, strap them into the back seat, then strap children into them, and then try climbing over the top. I developed a system - 40 minutes sitting on one buttock with feet folded under the driver's seat, then shuffle forwards, rotate hips, and shuffle back to spend 40 minutes on the other buttock, one foot still folded under driving seat, the other resting somehow on the central ashtray. Turns out my body is not symmetrical. Add in one child insisting that breathing without drowning may only be performed if a parent has an arm around said child's neck at all times, and another child insisting that if the first child has one of my arms, they must have access to the other arm at all times, and rest assured that it was a very very long drive. We're taking my van next time, even if all the passengers do get stiff necks from the gale slight draught from the dodgy window.

A lovely day on Saturday, lots of relatives, lots of new relatives, lots of friendship and lots of fun. Some slight confusion over accessible lifts leading to me carrying Mog up two flights of stairs whilst various assorted cousins bumped her wheelchair up them - it got us a free drink at the top though so I'm not complaining!

Beautiful, beautiful surroundings. But a dead battery in camera and in telephone so only a very few pictures taken. Camera now charging so you'll have to wait for the sight of my baby brother in a kilt. You'll have to wait even longer for photos of Edinburgh and the surrounding area - my arms were otherwise occupied! We'll get back there one day.

We left Edinburgh at 10 this morning and got home at 7. Same position in the car, same positioning issues (I have a new sympathy for Mog when her wheelchair just isn't right), daytime so even more child entertaining necessary.

Now the house is a tip, I have a mountain of messages to ignore work my way through. and a ridiculously busy and stressful day tomorrow.

Normal service will be resumed as soon as I remember what normal feels like.


MOM2_4 said...

Glad you are back! Sounds like a very very long drive to me - whew!!

Get some rest ;o)

Elinor said...

Welcome back Tia.

Robyn said...

wow you drove! impressed!..glad nice time had.


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