Sunday, 14 December 2008

A Day in my Life

It's the 14th again. Thanks once again to Little Jenny Wren for hosting a day in my life.

My day started much too early, when Mog decided she couldn't sleep any more at 2AM. We were staying with friends, so I spent the next five hours trying to keep her reasonably quiet. Oh, and breathing, since she was having difficulties there. I like to think I would probably have chosen noisy breathing possibly waking our hosts over no breathing at all being nicely quiet; thankfully we didn't get to put that one to the test though.

Eventually I gave her her morning meds and, thinking that she'd settled a little, slipped into the bathroom to sling some clothes on. I heard her fussing so slunk back into the bedroom again, to be greeted by the sight of Mog sitting on L's lap, and a steaming cup of coffee for me. Lovely.
No photos from the morning miseries so here's the late night laments instead. She was not a happy bunny. Placating the small children with an overdose of Cbeebies we adults sat for a bit attempting to wake up and work out where we were going later.

Our goal, Disability Challengers in Farnham, for the Special Kids in the UK Christmas Party.
Little Fish was rather excited, especially by the idea of visiting Father Christmas. Sadly the idea was more exciting than the reality, and "I not want a man, Mummy, I not want his present, I not want a photo I not want a cuddle I am not liking you Mummy". So much for that then! She did quite fancy the present once it was opened though,and safely barricaded in by Mog, had a good look at her new Upsy Daisy book.

Mog opted out of the party, and whilst her body may have been in attendance her mind was somewhere else entirely. I hope it was in a nice place, because her body was having a rough time of it. Large green chunks of solid gunk resting at the back of her throat needing lots of suctioning, to the dismay of all our friends who saw her in the summer when she was enjoying life a lot more. I'll spare you the graphic photos.

A nice lunch but we left early; Mog was not fit for socialising and I was a little worried about how we'd get home - I may be versatile but driving a large van and simultaneously suctioning a child sitting in the back of the van not really feasable. We need a new van. One with an automatic remote controlled snot hoover. In the meantime we had a Little Fish who could be counted on shouting "Mog needing you Mummy" just as we hit the busy roundabouts. Great.

A slow trip home then, since I decided to avoid motorways and go for the roads we could pull in on if necessary. Home at 4 and mayhem.Starving cats. Brutally abandoned for 24 hours, now mewing at the door demanding food. One dodgy fish tank with 1.5 dead fish in. I'll spare you the picture of that too. And of the search for the other half a platy. Much screeching and squawking from Mog and Little Fish, several filthy nappies (aren't you glad I edit the photos?), and a fairly grotty evening.

Our carer came, Mog was hysterical on my lap so the carer managed to persuade Little Fish into a bath instead. One clean Little Fish realised that Mog was still sobbing on my lap and decided she needed my lap too. One carer trying to dry a Little Fish who is trying to push Mog off my lap. It got loud.

And then it got quiet. And I posted Little Fish into bed where she switched herself off within seconds of me switching the light off. Mog struggled on, objecting to life and the world and everything, until her evening medicines kicked in. She is now sitting opposite me, fast asleep, fitting, and breathing too fast.

I don't think she'll stay asleep very long. I do think we'll be heading to the doctor again in the morning. And I suspect I'll be up quite a lot tonight too. So for now this is me saying goodnight; I'm going to grab what sleep I can get.

Hopefully next month we'll be having some happier times - Mog has had a rotten run of things lately.

Sleep well,


Sandy said...

sending all our love to Mog .

I do hope you get some sleep tonight .It was lovely to see you all today xxx

MOM2_4 said...

Hugs & Prayers to all of you!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope that Mog had a more settled night. It was lovely to see you all today x


Robyn said...

hope shes doing ok today and you got some sleep..poor little girl, she did look poorly..nice to see you and see you again soon :)


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