Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Merrily we Google

I appear to be attracting festive weirdos googlers.

Nativity Scene with Fleas. I'm intrigued. Performing fleas? A living nativity with flea-ridden donkey? If you have taken your own Nativity scene out of the attic and found it to be infested, might I suggest replacing it? and delousing your house

Christmas Chaos. Not this year, we are organised. Well, ok, so we haven't actually posted anything out yet, we're not actually going to see very many of the people we need to send presents to until after Christmas, I've got six reels of sellotape and I cannot find a single one of them, and it is entirely possible my head will explode. But you won't find Christmas Chaos here, no sirree!

How to explain 2nd Sunday in Advent. Simple. There are 4 Sundays in Advent. The 2nd one comes after the first and before the 3rd.

And of course no roundup would be complete without my ever present Shuffle Trousers. Please someone explain. To all you Shuffle Trouser googlers, I offer good money (or at least your very own personal copy of one of my Little Fish specials - a close up of her own thumb, taken by herself)Yes people, this picture can indeed be yours and all for the small price of one short explanation. Someone out there must know. What is a shuffle trouser? What are you looking for when you google the term?

Now the girls are asleep and I am full of curry.
Night all

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