Monday, 22 December 2008

Look Who's Back!

I think she mightbe feeling

After lots of petty ridiculousness we finally managed to come up with a plan of action. Her neurologist felt that all Mog's recent symptoms could be explained as side effects from her newest anti-epileptic drug. So, on Friday, we halved it and added in one of her older drugs - Vigabatrin.

On Saturday morning Mog slept for 3 hours. A calm, peaceful sleep, no harsh breathing, no spasms or seizures and not as a result of painkillers or sedatives. And in the afternoon, she opened her eyes. And in the evening and overnight she screamed mightily and refused to settle and was generally all round horrible, but perhaps we won't focus on that bit.

On Sunday morning Mog slept again. And woke up, and spent the afternoon quietly grinning. And the evening and overnight being way beyond awful, and was banished to the playroom with Alice in Wonderland playing on a loop in the wee small hours, but perhaps we won't talk about that much either.

And this morning Mog slept for an hour. And then she woke up enough to stick her feet out as I pushed her round the corner, and then to kick her blanket off when we went into town.

And this afternoon she has decided to start taking an interest in life again. Eyes wide open, gentle shouts, and real communication once more - big tongue out yes when we ask if she's feeling better, big scowl when I explain what we think was happening.

Things aren't perfect, she's still needing a fair bit of suction, she's shooting dribble despite her anti-dribble drugs, her breathing when awake is still quite harsh. But she's back, she's here, she's aware of her surroundings again. The rest may come back when we discontinue the new med altogether. But whether it does or not, right now, I don't mind. She's back, and this makes me very happy.



Anonymous said...

I've just had a sniffle. I'm so glad. Give her a big hug from me.


Cathy said...

What a fantastic Christmas present!

Anonymous said...

She looks so happy to be back! Hope she continues to improve.


Anonymous said...

Oh I wasnt expecting that post .. made me all tearful .. SO SO HAPPY to see you mog :-)

Love you sweetheart .. see your for real on Saturday xxxxx

Sandy and H ( who is busily shouting upstairs to her sisters * *** betta now , me fen betta now yay!* )

Caroline said...

Hello again Mog ! Keep smiling and kicking !

Elinor said...

Yay! Let's hear it for Mog.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news! Mog looks really happy, I am so glad to see her looking so much better. xx


Anonymous said...

That's given me a great big smile!!
So pleased to see Mog smiling again! And just in time for Christmas :0)
Catherine x

Anonymous said...

fantastic !!!! i am so relived as is julia

Happy christmas xx

Alesha said...

Oh, praise the Lord, Tia! Yay Mog!!! Good job!

There are days when I think I would risk huge seizures, just to take him off all medicine and see what would happen.

Then I come to my senses, and realize that is NOT a risk I'm willing to make, and count my blessings for the good days.

I'm so so glad that Mog has had a good day, and pray that it continues and that the meds switch works like magic!


Anonymous said...

So glad to see Mog back to her usual smiley self. Keep it up for new year and new term.

Robyn said...

absolutely fantastic news...yeah yeah you Mog xxx

Anonymous said...

Welcome back just in time for Christmas xxx

Lauren said...

Fantastic! So glad she's back in time for Christmas

Anonymous said...

welcome back!!


(yeah finally let me post!!)

Sara x said...

Thats brilliant, hugs xx


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