Monday, 15 December 2008


So after a rotten night, I took Mog to see the GP this morning. Our own GP is on longterm leave at the moment, which means we get to see whoever is on duty or has a spare slot when we ring up. Not ideal, but fine for emergencies. However this means that adding the two on-call doctors we've seen that's four different doctors for one bit of illness, hard to find the continuity in that.

Today's doctor was thorough. A good chest listen and stomach squidge, temperature (high), sats, ears and throat, urine discussed and discounted, medications checked, and child observed closely. And the doctor said "hmmm" lots and "yes I can see what you see" several times and "no she's definitely not right is she" a few times and then "come back on Thursday" once. She isn't ill enough to be in hospital (I agree), she isn't right at all but she doesn't have any obvious signs of infection in the usual places, so antibiotics probably not going to be particularly helpful. So we plug on with the antipyreticals and extra water, keep her comfortable and will probably see him again on Thursday. At which point I do hope he'll actually do something - although I'm not sure what? Swabs, bloods, something? There must be some way of identifying what has knocked her for six in this way. She's exhausted.

One strange thing - usually her seizures are quite jerky twitchy things. She's so floppy with this that even her seizures have slowed down, less starfish more jellyfish, less coat hanger, more scarf waving in the breeze.

And so for Mog the school term has finished early - Happy Christmas?

Edit: The doctor we saw has just phoned and would like us to arrange a blood test for Mog to make sure it isn't her new anticonvulsants causing this. Naturally the only time the nurses can do a test is tomorrow morning right at the time when Little Fish is due back from school, so now I guess she's finishing her school term early too. 'Tis the season to be Jolly ill



Elinor said...

Hopefully Mog will be better for Christmas.

Alesha said...

So sorry Mog is feeling so poorly. The blood work is a good place to start, even if it can't be scheduled at a convenient time.

Some of Isaac's meds do so relax his throat muscles that he doesn't clear his secretions. Maybe that's what started all of this with Mog???

I hope you find the answer SOON!

Praying for you as you care for the girls and also mourn with us for T. I know it will bring back lots of memories to you. It brings up nearly palpable fears to Doug and I. We're struggling to digest it tonight as well.

Much love,


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