Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Questions, questions

Some questions people have asked me:

Where did you get that light show thing and what is it called? It's a Shadow Ceiling Light, and we bought it from Argos. It's made by the Lava Lamps people, but I can't find it anywhere online in the US - doesn't mean you can't get hold of it though!

Do you know of any resources to explain Christianity to children with learning disabilities? Sorry, this is one I was asked a while ago in the comments and I've lost the comment itself - I apologise. And the answer is no, not really - we were given the Lion Story Teller Bible

which the girls quite enjoy. When we were at New Wine, the Our Place team had a fantastic programme which the girls loved. I have a feeling they may offer some outreach training too, but I'm not sure about that. I'd be interested in anything other people have come across.

What happened to Goldie? Goldie moved on from me to a home which she could share with other young adults with profound and multiple learning disabilities. Shortly after moving into her new home there was an accident involving very hot water, she was badly scalded and a few days later, she died. The carers working with her at the time were not to blame. I wrote this and then this shortly after her accident, and for various reasons I still can't go into much more detail than that.

I've often thought about fostering a disabled child but how do I go about it? I'll answer this one for the UK folk if anyone else cares to ask, but this is one which has come from my US readers. And my fellow blogger Michelle has answered this fairly comprehensively by writing a book on Foster Parenting The Medically Fragile Child. So she's probably a better person to ask!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info on the light. I could not find it but was able to find a lazer star and cloud light thing for her roon with occ shooting stars. I think she will enjoy it. I did see something similiar but felt it might be too bright and active to allow her to rest. Thanks so much . I learn a lot from you.

mq, cb said...

Whilst searching for Christmas presents, I found this:

It's an underwater light show and basically does the same thing as your doohickey, but in the bath. I'm not sure whether this would be helpful at bathtime but if it did, it's only £7.99 so it might fit the bill for something extra to be unwrapped on Christmas Day.

If you go through Quidco, you get 10% cashback and another £5 off if you spend more than £30 with the code Christmas08.

Anonymous said...

thats Celyn's Christmas present sorted out :-)


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