Friday, 26 December 2008

Holidays are here again

We are off on our holidays for a week from tomorrow. Eight cottages, eight families (we hope, one child in hospital so one family may have to join us a couple of days late), seven days of retreating from the real world and living in our own little enclave with neighbours who understand what it's like to have a child with a disability.

I'm not sure what internet access, if any, I'll have while I'm away. I thought I'd seen a WiFi sign on one of the things I'd read about the cottages, but there's definitely nothing there now. My dongle has gone for a wander, and my phone is ancient and unhip. So I probably shan't be around until the New Year - I hope those of you who are out celebrating have a good time, and those of you who are staying in have a peacefully uneventful night.

See you in 2009,


Robyn said...

hope to be joining you (and adjoining you!) before 2009..
if not, have fun and be thinking of you xx

Alesha said...

I pray you have a wonderful time!!!

Enjoy your new year - however you choose to celebrate it - noisy and exuberant, or quiet and peaceful!!! :-)



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