Monday, 30 March 2020

Day 14

2 weeks. A was very excited about this, thinking that meant only 10 to go. I had to break it to her that we don't know this, that we may have much longer to wait, and that no one can give her an exact time frame for potentially quite a long time. This did not go down terribly well; my girl needs numbers, facts and figures. I think we all do.

Meanwhile my boy was not impressed that the garden has become an arctic wasteland; bitingly cold wind along with freezing rain interfering with his circuits of bouncing climbing sliding. Meanie Mummy wasn't willing to stand outside and push the swing either; a process which involves tipping the entire swing frame onto its side, in order to give a little extra clearance for his feet. Baby swings are not intended for leggy three year olds with Piers. We've a larger SN swing coming at some point this week; my next mission is to persuade the apple tree to let us have a branch for it. Could be interesting.

Some schoolwork for A this morning; her set tasks whilst school is closed involve doing a load of laundry, drying and ironing it, planning a meal or light snack, or working out a weekly grocery shop, then entering it into two online supermarkets and doing a price comparison. So far, her weekly necessities include Diet Coke, biscuits, chocolate spread, and bread. It's a work in progress.

Ridiculously, our carers have all been ordered to work from home. I'm not entirely sure how this is supposed to work, however our best carer did WhatsApp A this morning in order to check in with her. Perhaps I should negotiate for her to join us over WhatsApp as I attempt to wrestle A through her shower next time; at least I'd have a witness to agree that the murder was justified.

Today in addition to being our own carer I was attempting to be our own cleaner. I did achieve hoovering the cobwebs off the ceiling. I did not achieve actually hoovering the floor; madam sensory refuses to allow the hoover anywhere near her and also refuses to move out of the room so she is away from it. Not sure how this will work with another of her Learning Objectives (and I promise, these have come from school, I have not set them myself), to clean and tidy a room. Incidentally, why clean and tidy? Doesn't it make more sense to tidy first and then clean? Or is this where I am going wrong. D enjoys the hoover nearly as much as A hates it. Or, he enjoys turning it on and running away when I take a break, and turning it off then running away when I try to use it.

Tomorrow we have a supermarket delivery. The anticipation. The wonder. What will be in stock, and what not? Exciting times.

I realised I have completely stopped looking at my calendar. There are appointments on it, but all cancelled. Now, the only fixed things we have going on during the week are Sunday's online church services. The rest of the week is fluid. If it takes us until 11 to get up and through the shower, then so be it. If we are all enthusiastically demanding breakfast at 7, then breakfast at 7 it is. There's nowhere we have to be, ever. No one we need to be ready for, ever. A message from podiatry made me realise we should have been there this afternoon (except it was cancelled). Helpful tips from the podiatry team until they can see clients again. "You should keep your feet clean and dry. You should avoid infections." Thanks, guys, I'll get right on that. No survival guide from NHS Coronavirus today. Disconcerting. Perhaps podiatry were stepping up instead?

So, another day done. Crossed off the calendar; meaningless though without an end date in sight. Just another day done.

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Danni said...

I very much feel for A. If it's 12 weeks, I'll come out of self isolation on my birthday, which would be great as I'd be able to go out for the first time this year. Not knowing if that's going to happen is harder than just knowing it won't.

I have also been through an ASDAN course, and now have a level 2 certificate in Personal Effectiveness (I'm not entirely sure what that means). I also had problems with how illogical some of the instructions were (tidying before cleaning definitely better). I wore wireless headphones while vacuuming as they are evil noise machines. I did like the baking and budgeting parts though. Diet Coke is necessary ��

Good luck with the carers working from home. Might work if they were doing prompting and organising for an adult maybe, but until there are robots they can control, not so good for helping with practical care. I hope the weather improves for D as well. *Squishes*


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