Saturday, 28 March 2020

Day 11.

More fun with Zoon. From the girls who first invented Zoom hide-and-seek, today comes Zoom tandem baking. A screen in both kitchens, and two girls happily occupied stirring and measuring and generally chatting to each other. Meanwhile two mummies, from opposite ends of the country, got to drop in and out of each other’s kitchens inbetween doing other things, each of us sharing the familiar soundtrack of the other’s daily life. Very very lovely.

Multiple phone calls today in very quick succession. I must suggest to some of our professionals that they start working their list from Z-A to break it up a bit. But whilst we remain without carers for now - and we are ok - we are pulling together a plan for Later, as and when we are not ok. So that’s good. D’s adoption records having been restricted and shut away within social services, there is nothing on A’s file to indicate she had a younger sibling also with disabilities and medical needs. This has now been rectified. Partially. But it’s a start.

A really wonderfully lovely emergency rescue package from the Rainbow Trust. Hearing that all of A’s birthday plans had been put on hold, they delivered a fabulous birthday hamper with some wrapped gifts squirrelled away safely, and some fresh doughnuts to enjoy immediately. And a very fetching worry monster. Thank you, Rainbow Trust!

And, after four days of trying, finally success in contacting Sainsbury’s to arrange deliveries. Well, partial success. We are registered, but their systems (and staff) are overloaded, so it may take 48 hours before we can actually try to book any slots. There is hope though, which is great. We have amazing friends shopping for us, but it will be great to be able to just order what we need and know that it should be coming on a certain date. And without friends realising quite how much junk we eat!

Meanwhile, thankfully, thecweather remains gloriously mild and sunny. We are all enjoying the garden (I lie. Two of us are enjoying it. The third merely tolerated it today). Slowly I am rediscovering forgotten corners of the house - we are amassing a giant pile for the charity shops once they reopen.

One day at a time. I don’t know what the future holds, but I know who holds the future. It is enough.

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