Saturday, 28 March 2020

Day 12

It's Saturday today. My children decided to mark the occasion in traditional style, waking up alternately every hour of the night so they could both fully appreciate my extra company. Reader, I did not kill either of them. Long day.

Pancakes for breakfast is our Saturday tradition, even more important now that every day keeps a similar shape. So pancakes, one girl locked into zoom chat with her friend, one boy bouncing and climbing and checking all the stones for flavour. One mother feeling particularly torn today as both children reacted to my tiredness by needing me more. It's not a great cycle.

But great joy, with the arrival of the body shop's most excellent hemp and almond hand creams. My hands are currently so shredded from all the washing that my technology no longer recognises my thumbprint, meaning that my rusty brain has to remember multiple passwords instead. But eight bastings of hand cream later, the backs of my hands are merely bloodied sandpaper, not craters and canyons. Long may this last.

My boy has a new talker on trial as of yesterday. A NovaChat 8, for those in the know. Thank you Liberator for the longer loan than originally agreed. We'd just switched it on yesterday when A started her zoom chat. D looked up at the screen, saw his friend from so far away, and hit Like Like Like Like Like on the talker. Until she started blowing raspberries, at which point Like moved to. No No. Smart boy. Current mission, prevent him from eating the straps as we need to be able to return it in good condition.

No major accomplishments today. But we all had three meals, no one injured themselves throwing themselves off the top of the slide, no one fell ill, and the house is a tiny bit tidier than it was yesterday. That'll do.

NHS coronavirus helpfully texted to suggest we play sudoku, read a book, watch TV and make a plan for the day and for the week. Thanks.

This is probably tedious to read. Read it or don't; we are all in a similar boat at the moment I think. I find it useful to write, and so, for now, I shall. but if you're reading, and I disappear, don't assume the worst has happened. Assume life just got a bit busy again.

Stay well. xx

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Caz said...

I hope you keep writing


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