Monday, 30 March 2020

Day 13

Church today. Last week, broadcast from an empty church, with worship team and clergy carefully two meters apart. This week, broadcast from assorted houses across the town. Church together, apart. Subtitles for the music though, so much easier to sing along to, hurray! Thinking about Noah and his family on the Ark, and interesting theme.

And of course, a birthday in captivity! Pizza delivered to the doorstep, presents somehow assembled, and untold wealth appearing in cards and e vouchers. Much virtual shopping and making of lists. Maths practice, although she doesn’t realise that.

A quieter small boy today. Cuddly and less screechy than usual. A nice respite, but always the worry, is he coming down with something? And if so, what?

And sadness. Opposite our house is a beautiful deep, thick, impenetrable hedge. Dark green, and alive with birdsong. At least 30 small birds call it home. This afternoon for some reason, my neighbours cut it back so thoroughly that it is now see-through and 2/3rds the height it used to be. And the birds are huddled forlornly on one of the few remaining branches, wondering what has happened to the nests they were so busy constructing.

Windy today ; our trampoline took a trip across the garden and landed on its side, whilst our precious trellis increased the angle of its lean to dangerous levels. I have weighed the trampoline down, but the trellis will have to take its own survival measures; now is not the time to be shopping for new fence posts.

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