Monday, 23 March 2020

Day 6 (and a half)

A nicely relaxed day yesterday.

The first day since we came home that we saw no one except for the three of us, spoke to no one except the three of us, went no further out of the front door than to empty the recycling bin.

And yet, a more connected day than any in the past week.

Church, live-streamed. So very very strange to see an empty church, but of course not empty; full of the presence of God (and a tortoise called Mike). A service we could all join in with, and a developing facebook community chatting about it afterwards.

A child focused "families together" video stream later in the afternoon. A map of our parish, with lights shining on every point where a church family have a child under 11. We can all shine our lights, even in these dark times. Shining without leaving the house might be a challenge, but we can pray. We can communicate. We have plans for our windows when supplies arrive.

WhatsApp with the wider family, the aim being to wish Mum a happy Mother's Day, however she remained rudely absent from the conversation. Still very good to check in with each other though and have a spot of silliness in a fairly silent day.

And then a national wave of prayer at 7, and a candle in our window until bed time. So our verse for the day, The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. John 1:5.

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mq cb said...

I hope that you, Amana and Dylan will be alright in lockdown.


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