Saturday, 21 March 2020

Day 5

Another gloriously sunny, day. No photos today. My mission: build a climbing frame. Reality, open two boxes, count out 134 screws and multiple pieces of untreated and only partially pre-drilled wood. Screw in the first three screws. Abandon project, order electronic screwdriver. Forget the flatpack; A and I make flapjacks instead.

One boy supremely happy to be bouncing in the garden and pottering in and out of the house most of the day. One girl willing to leave the house for a quick health walk, swapping dusty inside for ring road traffic fumes, but a wide footpath with few fellow travellers. This works.

One nappy delivery in our absence and another shortly after our return. We may now officially have a nappy stock pile. Does it count if it is as a result of the kindness of friends?

We are living in strange times indeed. I’m reminded of my Grannie, who had a correct and appropriate behaviour for every single social situation. Mostly, I was thinking that I’m glad she is no longer sitting in a nursing home where we would be unable to visit. But then I was wondering what she’d make of this current situation. And I realised she had already taught us exactly what we should do. Her two pieces of advice gleaned from boarding school. No, not “bend from the hips not the waist when drinking soup” but, if you see an acquaintance in the street, your brother and boarder at the boy’s school in town maybe, Smile, Bow, and Pass Along.” Thanks, Grannie.

No photos tonight as they’ve all vanished.

Verse of the day, from a different friend, Matthew 6:34  Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. 

And our hymn for today: one of Imi’s favourites for a change of pace. 

We actually have a timetable for tomorrow, with two planned and structured events, both happening at set times. Strange again to think of Sunday as our more structured day. Not complaining though, very much looking forwards to it. 


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mq cb said...

You accomplished more than I did. I set out to clean my flat - I managed one room. I ordered toys for my niece and nephew instead and a hamper for my sister. Far more fun all round. And there's always tomorrow, I suppose.


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