Monday, 9 April 2012

Don't Wanna

Mog, Great Grannie and I all had a lovely day today at the Living Rainforest.
The Little Princess Didn't Wanna.
Before we went, we had time to play a game. But "I don't wanna" tipped up the pieces and tossed down the spinner.
We had beautiful Sunshine Soup for lunch. But "I don't wanna."
Chocolate eggs. "Don't wanna."

Into the bus ready to go. "I don't wanna be first, Great Grannie should get in first because she is the slowest." Shortly followed by "Hey! I don't wanna wait; I should be the leader."

Once all clamped and seat belted "I don't wanna go, I am too tired."

For the first half of the visit "I don't wanna stay. I wanna go home. I don't wanna see the monkeys. I am too tired."

For the second half of the visit "I don't wanna move. I don't wanna leave the monkeys. Hey wait, I don't wanna do anyfink I just wanna drink."

She didn't wanna cake. She didn't wanna see the shop. She didn't wanna keep moving or stop. She didn't, actually, wanna drink. But she didn't wanna leave without drinking it either.

And then she didn't wanna go home, she didn't wanna get back in the car, she didn't wanna go on all the roads. She didn't wanna know the way and she didn't wanna not know the way. She didn't
wanna eat and then she didn't wanna wait acos she was too hungry. And she didn't wanna go to bed but she didn't wanna sit up because she was too tired.

And now she's in bed, and she wants to roll over and she wants to be burped, and she wants a blanket and she wants her duvet straightened out and she wants her Nippy adjusting, and you know what?


ps - keen eyes will notice Miss Mog thoroughly enjoying herself - she finds the Princess' tantrums highly entertaining. This is not met with royal approval.


Yvonne said...

Haha, she and D would have a really good conversation at the moment. She's saying no to everything.

Mindo said...

I'm pretty old but I can still remember some awful days like that as a child! Just feeling terrible, uncooperative and not being able to articulate what was wrong.

Of course we all need to learn to control our emotions but I sympathise with the royal one, and of course her family. Hoping that the "I don't wanna" days become fewer!


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