Saturday, 27 June 2015


Too busy having fun to have taken any photos myself, so borrowing this one instead. 

Imi decided she wanted to see everyone for her birthday this year. She didn't want to go out, she wanted the world to come to her. And the world did. Best friends driving down from Newcastle to hold hands all day. Assorted branches of the family bearing gifts. Favoured friends who got the giggle and greet, and apparently less favoured friends who were ignored (but appreciated nonetheless). A vast amount of food, and a parade of people to keep her happy all day long. 

Just enough chocolate cake and strawberries to turn the suction pot bright red and worry Monday's nurses. And so much energy put into Saturday that breathing was optional on Sunday. And she's been pretty tired and very uncomfortable ever since. I'm sitting up at the moment waiting to be able to turn the limits on the sats monitor up, because I can't leave her setting them off at 80, and not am I happy to go to sleep with them set to 75. She isn't ill. She's just very very tired. But she did what she wanted to do, she had a fabulous day - and a beautiful new dress, as ordered by her at very short notice. 

And she's still here. Still smiling, still sarcastic, still able to work her mostly non-functional body in order to knock things over right where they will cause maximum inconvenience. Still making her own decisions, even (or perhaps especially) when they don't fit in with other people's timescales. 

Happy Birthday! 


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