Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Come the morning

Come the change, come the sunshine, come hope again.

One conversation with a vet informing me that not only has Goway survived the night, he is doing much better than expected, is sniffing at food and not needing oxygen and will hopefully be home this evening. One very surprised vet, who had turned up fully prepared to end his suffering.

One very relieved me. Did you know that oxygen therapy for cats costs £23 ($32) for every half hour? I certainly didn't. Which leads me to wonder how much it costs for our children when they need it. Gotta love the NHS. Anyone know the cost of oxygen? I'm assuming that with a concentrator, the only cost is the electricity used to concentrate it. But for bottled O2?

It's a peaceful house here at the moment. Yesterday, we had a light smattering of snow, with a forecast of further light showers, and the school was closed. Today we have warnings about lethally icy roads, plus a forecast offering heavy snow. And so the school is open. Little Fish was not impressed.

Off to enjoy the silence now.


Anonymous said...

So glad Goway is doing better! $32/half hour for O2... OH ~ WOW!! Makes me this back a month when J was on O2 for a few days... wonder how much that would have been had we not had insurance - EEK!!

Hugs & Prayers,

Doorless said...

Yikes! That is a lot of money for O2 . OK how do you make the 2 smaller?
I am so sorry about your Aunt. It must be such an unexpected shock. That is a lovely picture of a very vital person.
I will pray for healing in your heart for children lost and family lost. You are so right we never know when it is time to be called away.
I am so glad Go Away is better. I am sure he is missed by LF. Be careful on the roads.


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