Friday, 6 February 2009


Fairness is important when you're three. It's especially important when you're more able than your sister; you get asked to do much more than she does, and you have to wait lots when she needs help, and then she gets to stay up later than you do and gets to be off school more often than you are, and she even has more medicine than you do*.

Little Fish and Mog both have jobs. It's Mog's job to let us put things on her lap and push them to her bedroom or to the bathroom. It's Little Fish's job to tidy up after herself (contrary to popular belief, we do actually try to enforce this!), to put things away once Mog has carried them somewhere, and so on.

Little Fish is still trapped in her ridiculously large wheelchair. The replacement wheel for her Minny is here, but they forgot to order screws and bolts, so we're still waiting. This means that she can't reach the floor, although she's almost willing to die trying.
This means that LF has developed the annoying habit of dropping things as soon as they no longer hold her interest. Puzzle pieces, baby clothes, chocolate wrappers, bogeys, they all go on the floor and the poor helpless little innocent child (sarcasm mode) has to wait for the patient parent to collect them up again. It's a game which got old very fast, so for the last wee while I've been putting things back on her wheelchair and forcing helping her to put them away or in the bin. She's not impressed, but she's dropping less.

Today LF walked in as I was changing Mog's feed bag to a new one. The old one was on the floor. "I help you Mummy" she said, so I passed her the bag and sat down, assuming she would put the bag in the bin. Lots of puffing and panting ensued. And I looked up to find this:Little Fish helping me by putting the bag on Mog's lap then pushing Mog's chair to the bin so Mog could clear up after herself.

Mog was less impressed
In other news, Goway is home again and doing alright, but feeling rather sorry for himself. He hasn't the energy to jump up onto a bed next to a radiator, so has settled for the next best thing - the spot on the floor above the hot water pipes.OK so it's right in the doorway but he doesn't let bother him. And woe betide anyone else who fusses about it!


*and this is one of Little Fish's biggest frustrations - she is constantly pestering for more medicines.

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Doorless said...

LFis amazing! She is really very smart and such a busy little girl. Glad Go away is back. I would hate to have that vet bill!


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