Friday, 27 February 2009

The Princess and the Pin

Remember the story of the Princess and the Pea?

Mog is our very own princess. She always knew this, but we now have proof. Here is her bed.
She's not been very happy in it for the past couple of nights. And so I took it apart and put it back together again, trying to make it comfortable for her. And I took out the sheepskin, the thick fleece blanket, the beanbag. And found this
Pointy end down, but clearly enough even through all those layers plus a fairly substantial inco pad, to cause her to toss and turn all night with barely a wink of sleep.

I took it away. And this was going to be a post about how sweetly she is now sleeping without it digging in. But unfortunately she's just woken up howling, so it won't be.

I wish I knew what was bothering her now. She's had her medicines, she's had painkillers. The bed is smooth, she's been fed and winded, she has her favourite music playing softly and she was tired tired tired. She isn't fitting, she isn't puking, she isn't constipated. She is just plain miserable.

And it's a shame; she's had a really great evening. A better evening than we've had for months. She was alert, bossy even. Kicked my grandmother as well as Little Fish, got really excited about the idea of shopping for Spring Shoes tomorrow, and obviously bored by the idea of shopping for birthday presents for other people. Shouted over Little Fish's own Birthday plans until we reached an understanding about what she'd like for her own birthday. Shouted again over our holiday plans until we agreed with her that yes, we would be on holiday over her Birthday this year. Paused for a short seizure, and then carried right on in shouting and kicking until we had identified her wish for strawberries with chocolate cake for her birthday. And only after those points were decided would she agree to sit quietly and listen to Little Fish decide on her own Birthday treats. It was fun!

And then she got ready for bed, and she was happy. And she got into bed, and she was happy and settled and relaxed. And now she is weeping and wailing and I don't know why.

Suppose I'd better go and try to work it out really.

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