Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Little Fish, Little Cook.

Little Fish has a little kitchen of her own. She loves her little kitchen. It's much more fun than mine; the oven door asks her if she wants to make soup or roast chicken whenever she opens it, the hob suggests she might like to fry an egg, and best of all, Mummy doesn't get annoyed when she fiddles with all the buttons.

Little Fish will play for hours here. She has cake tins, and paper cake cases, spoons and a saucepan, and a rather odd assortment of plastic food (one egg, one chicken drumstick, one head of lettuce, two slices of toast and half a potato. Oh, and Iggle Piggle. Don't ask me why). I usually get a running commentary "I make you coffee Mumma, 'ot water and coffee and no sugar. Why you no like sugar? Eeeya Mumma, nice coffee and milk cake". Occasionally I get lucky, and she cooks for her dolls instead. They have to eat what they're told, and usually end up with very dirty nappies as a result. This is somewhat worrying, but I won't take it as a slight on my cooking. Not yet, anyway.

So, I didn't really pay much attention when she told me she was making me a cheese cake, cutting it up, putting it on a plate. And then I walked into the kitchen, and I found this:
It's a good job she's cute!



Mum said...

Cheese cake! She's a star.

Anonymous said...

that .. THAT .. is absolutely definitly the most perfect CHEESE CAKE I have ever seen!
I hope you ate some just to show your appreciation for her efforts :)

Sandy xx

Robyn said...

shes got the right concept! good for her! lolol

Almost American said...

Cheese+cake=cheesecake! Of course! Is it really one of the cat's dishes, or is that one that's part of her kitchen set?

My kids have a play kitchen, but they would love one that talks to them!

Tia said...

Well spotted, I thought the cat bowl was an extra special touch!


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