Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow Day

Here's one to make Trina and anyone else with ice storms laugh.

It has snowed in the night.
School is cancelled, children are celebrating, public transport has shut down, the world has come to a standstill.

For this:Tia


Alison said...

To be fair, we (in Surrey) have more snow than I can ever remember seeing in South-East England, and I'm 43. Cars are abandoned all over the end of our lane because they can't get up the hill, and there's about 10 inches in our garden!

Trina said...

ROFL! Thanks for the giggle this mornin' Tia!



Sandy said...

we've got LOADS too .. havent seen my kids since early .. they are out there somewhere building snowmen and trying to cause each other serious injury ..

lets hope they fail miserably and have a fabulous time trying!

Robyn said...

we have tons - nearly a foot now - here and its not safe to drive..

but can see why its not quite so dangerous where you are lol! hopefully it will pass you by as its moving north

keep warm :)

mq, cb said...

I'm in London and can't get to work. There's at least five inches outside and it's still snowing. I've lived in London for 16 years and I've never seen it this bad. My colleagues who did manage to get to work are now wondering how they will get home! On the plus side, it's lovely sitting opposite the window and watching it gently fall! Hope it misses you as it goes north.

Doorless said...

Oh my! I bet LF will know what to do with it!
I heard it is really bad in some parts of the UK. Enjoy the peace of it.

Anonymous said...

had to laugh---kids and teachers here where I live would love to have a snow day for that little bit!! They would have had snow days most of Jan. I think! Then again they probably would be tired of snow days and thinking about how many make up days they have!


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