Saturday, 14 February 2009

A Day in my Life

It's the 14th again, and so Jenny is kindly hosting A Day in my Life again. Many thanks.

We had a bit of a Groundhog Morning here; for a good hour or so my life consisted of wash hands, suction child, wash hands again, deal with incontinence, get half way through before washing hands again to suction child, return to incontinence issue to discover the need to start again there, get nearly cleaned up before having to suction again - two bottoms and one cough and just not enough hands. I calculated that I washed my hands at least 15 times that hour, and added in another 5 missed handwashes too. I think I have some intact skin somewhere, but I think it's reached the elbows.

Things did calm down after that, and I celebrated my reprieve from the endless handwash/child juggling routine with a nice solo bath. Bliss.

And then it was a beautiful Saturday morning, far too nice to stay in. So we blanketed up and set off into town.
It's a strange sight now.
Empty windows, closed doors. Here is where we used to find socks and lightbulbs, batteries and notebooks, vests and screws and felt tip pens. Growing up, here is where my wonderful little kilts with sewn in polyester vest came from - I did love those. And I can still remember the frustration of having put the jumper on first, and having to strip to get the vest and kilt properly in place. So pleased Ladybird will continue even if Woollies is no more.

Walking down through the precinct one defunct travel agents, one dead shoe shop, one closed children's clothing shop; every third shop either To Let or boarded up.

Down to the market square where one young man was valiantly trying to prove that the world could not be fixed or healed until every sinner has repented.
Round to the one remaining children's clothing shop, a quick dive in and out and two happy girls. Back towards the town centre,
And then on to Waitrose via the post box.
A nice mouthful of rare steak, courtesy of Waitrose Saturday tastings, and a brief meeting with Grannie and Grandad, also shopping, much to Little Fish's surprise.

And then a brisk walk home. We are thankful for these.
Newly created ramps, which mean we no longer need to use this one
to get back to our house. Now if the council would just fix the fence here
it might save our lawn from total destruction.

Home then, and a bit of a sulk about swapping out of the power chair into the manual.
Closesly supervised by one very sore cat.
It's good that he's got more energy. But scalping himself really isn't the best use of it. Perhaps he really is allergic to cat fur, and is trying to remove it all? I feel another trip to the vet coming along; I have piriton to give him, but he coughs and hisses and spits, and the stress of having to take the tablets causes him to scratch even harder - not really the plan.

Lunch, and then time for a break. I took the computer, Mog chose the music, Little Fish took the camera.
I think she's improving.

I also think I need to lose weight.

Little Fish evidently felt the need to prove that our floor is occasionally visible.
And that we had been using this far too much this morning.
And then it was time to play with our latest purchases.
LF loves puzzles. That's not true; LF loves getting other people to do her puzzles. She can do the very basic "put this piece of wood into that wood shaped hole" type puzzle, but the more complicated jigsaw style ones leave her confused and cross. So when she spotted this one earlier I thought it might be a good halfway puzzle.

I was wrong.

How can a child who can count her way up to 21 and back (the number of scoops of powder we use to mix up Mog's feed), who can add 2 girls and 1 mummy to get 3 peoples, who can add 2 boys to get 5 peoples, who can prime the feed pump and set it going, build a tower, and whitter on for hours effectively communicate her thought processes, be so totally unable to put one shape next to another shape and match them up? She used to be good at this (for her age); and now she seems to have stagnated.

Hey ho, another set of puzzle pieces to pass over to anyone foolish enough to sit down next to it.

Meanwhile, I think it's safe to say that Mog approves of the socks we found for her Hensinger.
And then it was teatime, and "I sit on your lap and you feed me tonight, please precious Mummy?", and Upsy Daisy Yoghurt time, and sit on the potty time, and have a super long phonecall with a friend time, and then bedtime for small people.

And now Comeback is prowling around my ankles mewing for his medication, two girls are sleeping sweetly, Julian Lloyd Webber has just finished playing a 'Cello medley to us all, Goway has vanished into a tight corner somewhere, and it is time I found my own bed too.

And that's A Day in my Life for this month.


Anonymous said...

I remember those vest/kilt combos - never had one myself though! Why is your shopping centre so empty on a Saturday morning unless it is because most shops seem to be empty (bit like up here!)

Tia said...

It is a bit ghost-towny. But I did also choose the quieter moments to snap the photos - definitely gets you odd looks, clicking away like a tourist in your own home town!


Mum said...

I had those kilt/vest things when I was a kid and mum always put a huge great kilt pin in them too, I hated them at the time. Carla x

Michelle said...

Re: washing hands, I told the doctor one time I was sure I wash my hands more than he did.... He looked at me like I was stretching the truth a bit.

Love the pictures! I seem to forget my camera when I go out. I need to just throw it in my bag.

Trina said...

Looks like a fun fund day! I can NOT wait till we can go out and about with Jophie.....Roll on Spring!



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