Sunday, 22 February 2009

Little Fish Language

The world word according to Little Fish.

Ella BellaGammy BusCarpetMost hideous evil awful torture device ever invented to torment man or beast
Which is why she has been nagging me for the past few weeks to "Cut my AIR cut my Fringe cut my AIR pleeeeeeeeeeese Mummy".
So, overcoming my reluctance after her last snip, and with a gulp for the loss of her beautiful waves,
I made a start.
And trimmed, and snipped, and combed, and snipped some more
and then stopped.
And it's not perfect, but it's a lot better than the last one!
And she is very happy with it, and the brush now moves through her hair like a knife through butter on a sunny summer's day, so I suspect the neighbours will be happier with it too!


Heather said...

Wow,she looks really beautiful,even more than ever.Thank you.

Elinor said...

That is a serious killer bob! It looks fab. It'll be Maison Tia before you know it...

Alesha said...

Oh, so cute!!! I love it!

When I was little, my word for umbrella was "umbulleble"! My dad still calls it that! :-)


Anonymous said...

AW what a beautiful little girl both with long hair and short hair!

Doorless said...

Adorable hair cut. I am glad to hear I do not have the only child that considers the brush torture. I just last week gave in and cut the Elf's hair. Apparently not short enough. I swear she could take off like helicopter between her hands flapping and head spinning!
You must write a dictionary of LF isms.

Jules said...

I kept Abby's in a short bob for years...same reason!
I do recommend mobile hair dressers and it takes the 'is it straight' factor away!!:):):)

Wayyy better job than last time tho!


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