Saturday, 21 February 2009

Chocolate Friendship Pastries

What do you do when you have a friend visiting and no inclination time to get to the shops?

Take one pack of puff pasty and roll it out thinly, spread it thickly with chocolate spread.
Add chopped nuts and melted butter.
And roll it all up, sprinkling the top with more nuts and melted butter. Kindly ignore the mushrooms.

Cut into slices around an inch thick, and shovel them onto a baking tray. Panic at potential blandness, and add more chopped nuts, brown sugar and melted butter. Melted butter plays a big part in this.

Throw into a hot oven until they look like this:And then fish them out of the butter ocean, and let them drip dry cool down.Share and enjoy!

We have just had Friend to stay. This is Friend who is coming to Switzerland with us at Easter, Friend who is therefore committed to spending two weeks in extremely close company with all three of us. Friend has not seen Little Fish for a while now, and is not terribly used to small children. She had an interesting visit, and fielded most of the constant "Wot you doin? Why?"s very well.

And then we stayed up very late, and sorted out train tickets and other holiday ideas, and then moved on to drinking wine and setting the world to rights, and then somehow it was 3AM and we were still up chatting.

The joys of small children; you can post them to bed reasonably early and have lots of silly grown up chat, and catch up on life plans and swap inane insults and analyse family dynamics, and catch up on trials and frustrations, and share sadnesses and be all excited about bright futures, and get very very giggly over nothing much at all.

The hardship of small children; if you post them into bed in good time, they wake up in good time too. Mog began her morning stirrings as we were busy making up the guest bed. And Little Fish followed too few hours behind.

I am woman, hear me roar snore.


Tina said...

Glad you two had a good time. Hope you are allowd to sleep well tonight.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tia
Bless you,keep going,I know you keep me going.

Anonymous said...

The treats look yummy! Hope you manage to catch up on the sleep you lacked last night!


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