Sunday, 1 February 2009

The Logic of Little Fish

The conversation:
"What that Mumma?"
"It's your medicine."
"I not liking that"
"No, it's ok, see, it's in a syringe, I'm going to put it into your tummy tube"
"Because it's good for you"
"Because you need it"
"Just because, ok?"

Brief pause.

"I not liking my banana Mumma"
"Oh dear, never mind, eat it up then"*
"Because it's good for you"
"Because it gives you energy, and vitamins, and helps you to go to the toilet"
"Because it just does**, now eat it up whilst I sort Mog out a minute"


And then I return to this:
A banana filled syringe."I not eating that, Mumma, I not liking that, you put it in my tummy tube."

I can't fault the logic.

*For I am a deeply sympathetic mother
**For I am also a deeply impatient mother.


MOM2_4 said...

Great Logic!


Jules said...

She's a class act....:):)

and sooo soo right.. bananas are gruesome!!!

Tina said...

banana milkshakes down the tube then!
Banana's cause R severe constipation...not sure if that is common.

Doorless said...

clever LF. Good logic. She is a challenge! Have fun!

Michelle said...

Oh she is so smart!



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