Friday, 11 January 2008

And the rain it raineth every day

Poor Tom's a-cold.
Poor Tia has a cold, as does Little Fish, after our flooded out trip to Tesco yesterday. A happy discovery for us though; it is indeed possible to run a Tesco trolley up the ramps into our WAV (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle); made for a much drier unloading. We did get the occasional odd look though.
Yes, we returned the trolley - or I did; Little Fish sat in her chair and guarded the shopping.

Home James and Little Fish continued to perfect the art of unloading the dishwasher.
Now if I could just get her to reach a little further, to unshuffle the drawer.
But I'll take what help I can get; and she's certainly very keen!

Meanwhile I took advantage of the fact that it was cold and wet and we had done our duty by leaving the house to go shopping and decided I deserved thisTrina, this is a genuine Pork Pie. And here's the insideYum. Seriously delicious! And just right to chase the chills away. Little Fish however preferred the apple sauce. She's eating it by the bucketload at the moment - wonder how much counts as an overdose?

More rain today. A very lazy day today in fact; Mog trundled off to school and Little Fish and I pootled about inside - she didn't get dressed until 11.30 and was very happy just playing with her toys. I'm working on persuading her to put them away as well as take them out; this is a frustrating process because as soon as she sees something, that's what she wants to have, now, immediately, without any kind of discussion or argument. So I pass her whatever I was attempting to put back in the box and move to the next toy on the floor, at which point she scatters the original one and grabs that instead. Repeat ad nauseum.

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