Friday, 5 February 2010

Scooby Blue

Introducing the newest member of our team.

I'm tired of working with an agency who either sends us less than fantastic cleaners who stay forever and accomplish nothing, or outstandingly wonderful cleaners who then leave after just a few weeks. I'm tired of showing people how to use a mop (dip it in a bucket of warm water with some kind of floor cleaning agent in it, squeeze it out, rub it along the floor, repeat), where the cleaning supplies are kept, why it's not a good idea to use the urine bottles to rinse the draining board.

So, I'm trying something new. Our newest addition to the household. She doesn't need gloves and she doesn't use bleach, she doesn't switch the radio from 4 to 2, she doesn't want to spend hours telling me all about her chilblains or her children, she rarely lets the cats out, and she's never late. She's totally flexible about her working hours, and just requires a few minutes TLC at the end of her shift. She doesn't move the furniture, but she's excellent at getting down behind it, under beds, she even manages to squeeze herself under the kitchen table. And she must be picking up an amazing amount of grime, the colour of the water when I pour it away for her once she's finished (sadly she's too short to reach the sink.

Now, she doesn't clean the bath or the toilets, she doesn't fold laundry and she doesn't change sheets. She only cleans the floors, but she'll happily potter about cleaning them for an hour or so at a time, several times a day if I ask her nicely. She'll concentrate her efforts on just one room if I shut the door and leave her to it, otherwise she'll meander through the house, twirling and bouncing and happily slurping up the grime.

Unlike our other cleaners, she's actually resident. She's made a home for herself in a quiet corner of the kitchen, and when she's finished with the floors, she sings a little song to remind me to put her back in her comfy spot. She's a little shy; preferring to stay under the table when she's resting, and not wanting to stay still long enough to be photographed when she's at work. But I did manage to get this shot as she pootled past my chair, and so it is with the greatest of pleasure that I introduce you to our very own robot, Scooby Blue.


Tina said...

Fantastic! Hope she has a long and happy life with you all.
Wonder if they will bring out a toilet cleaning machine and automatice Laundry throughputter!

Doorless said...

We have her sister here. Scooby Grey. She is fantastic. Had to replace her battery a month ago. The old one lasted a year. The dog used to flooow her about the house. Ours is banned from my room because she goes under the bed and takes her nap and quits beeping so I can't find her!

Order and Chaos said...

Nuff said. I want one.

Sarah said...

Excellent - we have a roomba for our attic room - great while we had it as our bedroom, not so good now our girls do, as poor old roomba can't make it across the floor because of all the mess, but that's by the by!

Riven said...

what does this marvellous thing do?


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