Monday, 31 October 2011

Playing with photos

It's Monday. The girls are back at school, Great Grannie is back at home, and I have the house to myself and no special agenda beyond making bread for 25 before we go to Helen House. And I have 130 photos from our week away.

I have been playing.

And, after several hours of tweaking, I have finally beaten the printer into submission, forced it to talk properly to the computer, and persuaded the pair of them not to auto-crop my photos into the shapes they wanted to make them.

Hurray for quiet days.

Thinking though of friends whose days are not so quiet at the moment; ill health in themselves, their children, their parents, complicated legal stuff around the world and closer to home, and I wish I could send them all to a quietly empty autumnal coastline for some rest and refreshment.



pippinsmum said...
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pippinsmum said...

Glad you are back, feeling refreshed

Mindo said...

Lovely photos, as are the "then" and "now" photos in the post below.


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