Saturday, 12 November 2011

Princess Proclamations

She - "Hello my fatty Mummy!"
Me - "That's not a very nice thing to say."
She - "I know Mummy, I'm sorry, but..."
Me, thinking, "Ouch!"


She - "Mummy, Mog and I we was thinking. You are very beautiful and precious and lovely and I love you and can I please have some sweeties now please?"

Later still

"ARGH Mummy you are a STANK and a STANK and you are very stanky and stanky and GRRRRRRRRRRR and I hate you and this is a STANK and you are a stanky stanky stanky HEY MUMMY WHY are you turning off CBeebies?"

I like stank as an insult. It's her current favourite, and it has force. It's a great word to shout. And it has the joy of being a word which isn't going to bother me at all, rendering most of her current tantrums fairly reactionless. Apart from turning into the meany Mummy who will turn off the television that is.

Meanwhile Miss Mog decided today was a staying in bed day. A "take my duvet off and I'll go blue all over" kind of a day. Until I told her we needed to go and visit her friend in hospital. At which point her fingernails pinked up, her cheeks went from mauve to bright red, and her temperature picked up from 35 to 37. I'm reasonably sure she doesn't actually have that much control over it, but it was still impressive.

We got to hospital to find her friend fast asleep having had a rough night. So sat down quietly beside him. Little Princess was beautifully silent, voice hushed, finding quiet things to do. Mog decided he needed to wake up and shouted and kicked and sang and sang until he did eventually wake with a cry and a spasm and a sob. At which point she silenced herself until we sang him calm again and he settled into sleep. And then she decided he needed waking up again...we went for coffee and she giggled all the way down in the lift. Toad.

A more peaceful visit to him again, and we left him in the capable hands of one of his carers. Back into the bus and the Little Princess broke her silence. "Mummy, if you, if you, if you don't give me some chicken for my tea then I won't have any chicken for my tea." Very true, child. It's been that kind of a day.


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pippinsmum said...

Loving the logic! stank sounds a pretty good word.


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