Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Long time no blog

All still here, all ticking along more or less smoothly. Which makes for boring reading really, but thought I'd better post something to reassure the worriers that we are in fact all still here, all ticking along more or less smoothly.

Miss Mog is enjoying her respite sessions and seems much happier and more relaxed with her new seizure meds. Her new diet is suiting her beautifully, her teeth are shining once more, and she is enjoying being able to tell people when she is full or empty.

the Little Princess is having a few princessly moments, both in terms of temper tantrums and also shiningly excellent manners. They probably just about balance themselves out, I think. She's nearly healed up from February's op; just in time to develop a lovely pressure blister on her heel instead.

And I am getting more sleep than I have for years, but seem to be getting more tired the longer I sleep. Ain't no coffee strong enough!

Cats are shaking down well together; Benjamin is currently trying to eat the beads on the blouse I am wearing and Grolly is looking on disdainfully.

Photo is from Osterley House, where we spend Bank Holiday Monday. A nice day, even if rather jolly wet - this has to be the wettest drought in history, surely? Mog was most taken with the Pastry kitchen. tLP preferred the tour guide app . Neither girl particularly enjoyed becoming exhibit number 21 whilst waiting downstairs for the rest of us to take turns zipping up to have a look around; I'm working on the perfect message for Mog's switch in these circumstances but haven't found the perfect wording yet. Any suggestions? Some kind of multilingual "We aren't part of the show; move on or at least say hello" would do I think.

I can hear the beep beep beep of tLP's school bus reversing down our cul de sac, so I must wrap this up and go and be a Mummy again. Is it bedtime yet?


Claire said...

These are probably highly unsuitable, but here goes.
"If you stare any longer, I'll have to charge you."

"If you keep staring I get my sister will run you over with her tank."

"Come closer, so I can kick you."

Ashley said...

I REEEEALLY like "Come closer, so I can kick you"

evieg1983 said...

We were going round mottisfont house bank holiday monday had the ocassional stare and /or "wow, is she really driving that thing herself?" which we are used to however was quite taken aback when a child took one look at us, ran to her mummy and said, "mummy, come look at this girl, she looks like Davros"!!!


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