Thursday 11 April 2013


We have upgraded our holiday accommodation slightly!

OK maybe not, but we did manage (after a bit of persuasion and a promise that Mog's chair was not in fact a powered chair) to get the full tour with our own personal tour guide and Princess-transferred-to-an-adult-manual-chair pusher.

All good, apart from our half hour stand-off at the sculptures.

And home, and a sillily giggly tickle-the-pickle toddler, and a very twitchy Mog. But a mostly pretty good day. And tLP even finally registered that whilst going home would mean seeing the cats again (her aim all week), it would also mean not seeing our friends any more. I think that's progress.


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PMD Peter said...

Hope you enjoyed your new abode.
We visited several years ago and couldn't be more pleased with the personal assistance offered to us to enable wheelchair access. We weren't rushed at all and all the stall couldn't have been more helpful. We had the behind the scenes tour as well to access the very ancient lift hidden down dark corridors.
I wrote to the Duke singing the staff praises and received a phone call from his personal secretary and eventually a letter signed by the Duke.
It is nice to see a venue like that pulling all stops out to help.


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