Sunday, 28 July 2013

Because they're growing up too fast

tLP brought a doll to church today, a doll which was appropriated by the very delicious little boy sitting next to us, who spent the service delicately identifying the doll's various facial parts, and very sweetly playing "Round and round the garden" with the doll's hand (and then giving his mother heart failure by body-surfing the doll, which, under small child, looked far too similar to the very real baby who had been on that spot on the carpet a few minutes earlier).

tLP abandoned the doll in her quest to run around outside with church friends, so doll hitched a lift out of church and into the hall on the back of Mog's chair. To quote our esteemed service leader this morning "Tea and coffee are good, but worshipping God is better." I wonder if the worship might be better if the coffee came first? I guess the queues for the loos might be longer...

I digress.

Mog and I entered the hall, I picked up my coffee, and turned around to someone nodding at Mog and the doll perched behind her, passing comment that "You've got two babies today I see." Confused, I pointed out Mog was 11, hardly a baby, and we had a conversation, somewhat startled on his part, as he hadn't realised she was the same age as his son. Don't think he quite understood that she wasn't simply an 11 year old baby though.

She isn't. Even when she's asleep, peacefully and beautifully asleep (bar the sarcastic seizures which twitch to order whenever anyone points out how peaceful she is), she's very definitely not a baby any more.
And nor is her sister
I might still have thought of them as babies for a while

Because let's face it, that's adorably babylike.
And this is just silly.

But whilst she might still enjoy cuddles on my lap, and whilst she might still need certain care not dissimilar to that I might give to a baby, I know of no baby who can be as insultingly sarcastic as Miss Mog, without ever having to utter a word aloud.

Here's to the next eleven years!


MOM2_4 said...

Nope not a baby - rather a pre-teen! My soon to be 11yo is very much the same. Look out world!

honest diaper reviews said...

It must depend on your child because I tried others after using honest diapers on my son and they failed us several times. I went right back to honest diapers and no more leaks. I have also tried other brands but they just don't work for my son. Funny how each is different.

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Stroller said...

Yes, they're really looking old. Nice to see those kids growing old. :)

Anonymous said...

Mog? A baby? I think not!
K x


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