Thursday, 24 April 2014

Fairytale Farm.

Fairytale Farm sounded like it might be a good spot for a visit, when friends came to stay over the holidays.

Knowing that it was designed to be accessible, we thought we might manage a trip with four girls and two grown ups without too much of a struggle. 

And we did! Smaller than its website would suggest, it is clearly still a work in progress. A nicely accessible cafe (no changing bench in the loo, but some good sized beanbags in the playroom did anyone wanting a stretch), a handily placed double socket so we could charge Imi's suction and Nippy, decent sandwiches for most of us, and friendly staff. 

The accessible playground was a little disappointing; simple things like gravel making pushing tricky, and a step for small children blocking any hope of wheelchair access to a nice rubber duck racetrack - having a moveable step or else steps to half the racetrack and not the other might have been more useful for our girls. They s joyed watching two mad mothers pump water furiously down the gutter racetracks to push the ducks along though. 

A nice wheelchair swing we ran out of time for, and a nest swing too, good fun I suspect. Lovely castle for anyone who can run and climb stairs. 

We did enjoy the sensory garden - very feely noisy grasses as well as always lovely lavender and other herbs. 

At the bottom of the playground, the animals. Ridiculously friendly goats and alpacas, a handful of miniature ponies and pigs, and snuggles with a baby rabbit. Lovely. A long walk back uphill though! 

Would we go again? Yes, definitely. It was a nice quietish place to spend a few hours. Not hugely expensive, and not pricey food. The dressing up box was a big hit. Sadly the gongs and drums in the hands of one particularly enthusiastic fellow visitor drove our twitcher pair out of the playroom, but I think we all had a good time, and we will keep it on our list of possibles. I won't be buying an annual pass just yet, though. 


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