Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Small pleasures.

An hour alone with good coffee, a comfy seat, knitting, and snippets of conversations floating up from other café patrons. 

"Biblical corporate business"
"Jane Austen's massage parlour" 
"Brainstorming life"
"....this big!" 
"My Lithuanian bible cover"

So many conversations, so many ideas, hopes, dreams, joys and sadnesses. And me, not a part of any of them, enjoying fragments of other people's lives. 

A different world from our home setting, stepping away from nurses and housekeeping and admin, into the conversational kalaidescope. Free to think, to remember a special boy and girl today, forever linked and now two years free from the broken bodies which bound them here on earth. 

"I have NOT been to India"
"A thousand and five on the right."
"Can you walk?" 


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