Wednesday, 19 August 2015


Sun, sand, sharks and jellyfish on the beach, lifeboats launching around the corner, giant rabbits, baby cygnets, ice creams and fresh fish and never changing but always something new to find alongside our old favourites. 


Elmo_spoon said...

This brings back lots of memories of childhood memories. Finding 'upper frog street' hilarious, my Mum's indecision at the ice cream parlour until she was inspired by a small child's birthday clown ice cream, the big caves, boat trips and how butlins has a sandy path leading towards the beach. It is a plan when I am more well to go back again with my partner. It's one of those places you have to show to special people.

Tia said...

Elmo; we stay at houses adapted by the Harriet Davis Trust. Harriet's House is right on the harbour front, and even if we need to spend the whole day inside, there's a beautiful view from the bed. It's perfect for us; one of our very favourite spots in all the world.


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