Saturday, 31 January 2009

Picture post.

And people wonder why we need a bigger vehicle for just the three of usThere are two children in there somewhere, I promise!

Inside the gates:And the view from the windows of my flatSpot the child.Always nice to see her when she can't see me. To watch her having fun. Important, when if I believed her, I would be under the impression that she was pining for me every moment of absence.

And a sight not seen for many weeksMog asleep in a bed. She managed all four nights there, propped up and wedged in place, supports behind her head and under her chin, but actually in a real bed. Her feet are very pleased; they were starting to swell.

Even better - she's managed to keep it up at home. That too-small beanbag is working overtime as a too-large backrest, and she just about squeezes into her little bed. Roll on Monday and I'll be chasing up her new one.

Meanwhile, in our absence, the cats seem to have decided to get along well with each other.
Spot the difference!
I'd like to know which spot is pole position though (oh, and where exactly I am supposed to fit).


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Robyn said...

lol how funny...glad to hear Mog slept well..yeah xx


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