Monday, 12 October 2009

Assorted whitterings

These would be tweets if I were a twitterer. I'm better at whittering though.

I have not had to clean kitten poo from any surface other than their litter tray recently. I can't decide whether to be happy that they're finally using the tray properly, or very scared when I think about the inaccessibility of the places they may have chosen to use instead.
Mog is very much enjoying having an en-suite house. Enjoying it so much she does not want to get out of bed in the morning, do anything other than lie on her bed in the afternoons, and unfortunately does not wish to waste any time whilst in her bed on anything as unimportant as sleeping.
I officially don't care any more about how tired Little Fish is getting on school nights. After this weekend, a child who goes to sleep at 5PM and wakes at 8AM is just fine by me.
Grolly is at present sitting behind my head, chewing my hair. Is this sweet or annoying? And ince it can't make my hair look much worse than it does already, might it actually improve the look? Layers? And what will this do to her furball problem?
My first fosterplacement in four years arrived just six weeks before a planned adoption. My next fosterplacement after that arrived just one week before a planned trip overseas. What should I book next in order to have a child placed?
Grolly is 7 months old and as yet unspayed (it will happen, just hasn't happened yet). She got out one night last week, don't ask me how. Now today she's walking around rounding up teddy bears and posting them into a dark corner of the airing cupboard. How worried should I be?
This is a cheat post; I wrote it last night and scheduled it to be delivered now, knowing that at the time when this appears I will be posting children into bed and attempting to clear a space on at least one seat in the sitting room for our babysitter whilst simultaneously trying to find my Guide Necker and something vaguely related to Uniform. I mention this only as otherwise this final point makes less sense, it apparently being early evening and all. But, why is it that having been a lark for years and years I am now dragging myself out of bed in the morning and not really waking up all day, finally starting to feel a little more awake right now at the time when I should have been in bed an hour or more ago? Any ideas for resetting the clock? Cos jetlag (life-lag?)'s getting seriously old now.


Alesha said...

hmmm...about your last comment on sounds like you're not getting enough deep sleep, not resting completely, in other words. that can really start to cause problems, so it's good to try to nip it in the bud.

I would try to start a relaxing, monotonous bedtime routine, like the ones we imagine little old ladies adhere to: making a hot cup of tea, listening to classical music, knitting a few rows of something, putting out the trash, bringing in the cat, etc. :) Be sure the tea is something relaxing, like chamomile, not bracing or caffeinated.

I know this all sounds so corny, but it really does help to train the brain and body that sleep is imminent and it begins to relax.

I know there is nothing you can do to eliminate night time alarms and children who cannot sleep. Such is the life of a special needs mom; but do your best to stick to your routine. Also, be sure to have your room nice and dark and cooler rather than warmer.

If this all fails, talk to your doctor about it; or arrange for overnight carers once a week or so. It's so important that you get good rest.

Of course, none of this may be helpful to you; and there may be something completely different going on. But it doesn't hurt to start with the simple and proceed from there.

Can you tell that, before Isaac, I had some "sleep issues"??? :)

Hope you sleep well tonight and wake up completely refreshed,

MOM2_4 said...

Thanks Alesha for the ideas...they sound lovely.

Tia, I love your new word - life-lag. After reading your post though I am having serious thoughts about how jet-lag will work when one is having life-lag at the same time.

Hang in there dear!!

Alison said...

With regard to the cat - I'm a vet, and I would doubt she's doing nesting stuff as a result of pregnancy if she only got pregnant (maybe) last week. If you want to be sure about not having kittens, get her done some time before Bonfire Night and things should be fine!

Tia said...

Thanks for that. She (and her brother/uncle) are booked in to be neutered at the end of this month. I hadn't appreciated that her brother is in fact old enough to assist her in the process of getting pregnant; so it's possible she's been pregnant for more than a week or so anyway. I do hope not but time will tell!



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