Friday, 9 October 2009

School Girl

I don't get to hear much about Little Fish's day. By the time she comes home, she's ready for a sandwich and bed, and in the morning she's looking forwards to the day ahead, not thinking about yesterday. If I ask her directly, she tells me she did nothing; occasionally I'll get a dribble of information about how much she liked the icecream or cauliflower cheese, and sometimes her 1:1 will mention something particularly important, but that's usually to do with the colour of her urine or another new bruise.

She's happy, she's busy, she's clearly doing lots of thinking; I can live without knowing the specifics. But there are small hints of new things - things like showing me how she can now push herself up to help with dressing and undressing. Her preference for cardigans over jumpers as easier to get her arms into all by herself. Little things like making her own sandwiches
and, when she thinks I'm not in earshot, she'll talk herself through different bits of the day, ordering them in her mind and filing them away until useful.

Sometimes these are easily understood - hearing herself play "Simon Says" to herself was more than just entertaining; she let me join in and didn't fuss when Simon Said it was time to get her pyjamas on, time to wiggle her legs, time to do everything in her evening routine.

Sometimes these are frustratingly intriguing - I would love to know more about the song she was singing to herself yesterday. Is it a real song? Is it her putting to music her thoughts about the day? Is this a lesson in personal relationships, moral teaching, ethics? Or is she just learning that not everyone loves her? Small child in the bathroom, singing quietly to herself
"Some people are my friends
Some people [pause]
Are not."

I am enjoying having my littlest schoolgirl around. But I can't help wondering where this little girl went?


Doorless said...

Oh joy, I am finally allowed to post again!!! It is bitter sweet to see our wee ones grow up and find out not everyone is their friend.
LF is such a darling child and was a very cute toddler.

Signing! said...

So glad LF is settling well into school, even if she is so tired she can't share the details of her day with you! Scary how the grow so quickly! Hope you're enjoying the new found free time - if you have any!!

Sara x said...

Gosh she has grown up so much, she is adorable and one clever young lady xxx

Elinor said...

I love the picture. LF looks so serious and grown-up.


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