Sunday, 25 October 2009


Inchstones is the term a friend uses for measuring the progress of our children. Forget milestones; that endless roll of holds head up, rolls over, sits up, crawls, walks, all before the child's first birthday. We celebrate the inchstones - my two year old balanced upright for half a minute this morning, WOOHOO! My five year old held her head up and looked me in the eye, HURRAH! My teenager didn't scream when we watched my choice of DVD, CELEBRATE!. Tiny things to the world at large; huge to those who know the child. I love it; I watch friends' mainstream babies, and they are doing so much, so fast. Changes visible from one Sunday to the next; miss a couple of weeks and there's a different child. Give me the slowness of the inchstone any day, days, months, years even to appreciate one change before moving on to the next.

We had our own post-lurgy inchstones today. Little Fish wasn't sick once - BREAK OUT THE FIREWORKS! Mog ate a teaspoon of avocado and two teaspoons of chocolate sauce for lunch - MUCH CHEERING! And I, I walked to Mum and Dad's house for lunch; it might only be ten minutes away but it's the first time I've been further than our garage all week. PARTY! Well no, sit in a chair and breathe for half an hour, trying not to use any further energy. But hey, we all left the house, and we're all getting back to what passes for normal.

Tomorrow we might even try driving somewhere. But for now all those capital letters make me feel tired. Night!



Signing! said...

SO pleased to hear you are getting better and were all well enough to go to your parents / grandparents!
We too like to celebrate the Inchstones - much more exciting than milestones!
Hope you continue to improve quickly!

Doorless said...

Great! So glad you are getting better. Yep inchstones sound good to me too.

MOM2_4 said...

YAY! for inchstones!! WOOT!! For getting out a bit ;o)

Sara x said...

Yes our inchstones are so very precious.I actually think we would all be better off if we enjoyed the inch stones more rather than wait for the milestones.

Im glad you are feeling better and get to take your drive tomorrow xx

Riven said...

sounds like you are on the mend! We're off to the hospice for 2 nights with an anxious Celyn who doesn't want to see any strangers (communication devices are double edged swords now!)
Least hubby will get a lie in even if I don't. He's staying here with the boys. I think they'll be getting DVD's and pizza!

Tia said...

I hope your hospice experience is as good as ours and that C decides some strangers can be fun. And even if the getting used to the hospice bit isn't so great, enjoy the mother/daughter no men allowed and nothing to clean/no need to cook time!

Christine said...

Us Moms should celebrate every milestone-- at least on the inside!

Riven said...

was awful. Celyn screamed all evening and most of the night. Have come home early. She hated being somewhere different.
Next time am leaving her at home!


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