Thursday, 8 October 2009

Making progress

We have a wall again
A folding wall, which some people might think of as a door I suppose. Still needing floor, handles, latches and paint, but Mog has her bed and her privacy again.

Sadly what I was hoping to be terrible smelling screed was in fact very stale kitten poo; Mog's bedroom is now sparkling inside and her under-the-bed-storage-hole is now gleamingly clean. Why is it always the afternoon after the binmen have been I find I need to do a major clearout?
At least outside is messy enough that a couple of foul smelling bin bags sitting there for a while won't exactly be the first thing the rest of the world notices.

Progress though;
my very pretty driveway which should be set enough for me to start using from Monday. Provided, that is, that the builders can sort out some kind of concrete access pad so I can drive across the rubble on the right to reach the driveway on the left.

More progress of a rather different kind; the kittens managed to rid themselves of large furballs this morning; I'm hoping this may have been the cause of their problems and that they'll now be very happy. Meanwhile the scent of stale kitten poo has been replaced with that of freshly ground pepper as I attempt once again to tempt them into using the litter trays rather than the floor/laundry pile/bathtub.

And a rather nicer progress; more reports from visiting professionals delighted by the welcome they are receiving at Little Fish's new school and really pleased with her progress so far. Sadly she's still wiped out; and having been awake since eight o'clock this morning it's now five minutes past five and she's begging for me to come and put her to bed. But hey, progress, she ate her tea rather faster than usual so did actually manage quarter of an hour playing this afternoon. Always good.



HennHouse said...

I love good progress reports... They make my heart smile.

MOM2_4 said...

Progress is wonderful and it sounds like progress is being made all around your house ;o)

especially glad that the wall/door is getting done. So glad Mog has a nice clean room back - nice for her, nice for mama!

Have a great day!!


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