Thursday, 1 October 2009


A random scene from our walk to school this morning. I'd love to know the story behind it.

We had a simple day planned today. Cardboard to the recyclers, cats to the cattery, us to the hospice. I was shouted at by another woman at the cardboard bank for having too much cardboard not adequately folded. Goway ran away, so only two kittens have been posted safely. Checking the girls into the hospice was simple enough, but getting to the point where I could leave them asleep and come over to do my own thing took a ridiculously long time, and was complicated by a certain lack of equipment. And then my parents phoned to say they had seen the result of today's building work and didn't think my van would fit onto the new drive. Joy.

But, Goway has returned, and is safely coralled in the sunroom. I'll pick him up tomorrow and check the drive again at the same time. And, several hours later than planned, I am here, watching a DVD and knitting a new top. It all comes together in the end.

Meanwhile, cuteness from Little Fish. This morning I put a new dressing on her exceptionally sore gastrostomy. "You doing my dressing, Mummy? Ah look at me, I all dressed up now."

And, on the way to school, "Mummy? I need to ask you. Sometimes, sometimes people fall down. And then they cry. Why is that?" Why indeed.



Anonymous said...

Oh I do love LF's comments. Her attitude is quite inspirational in such a bittersweet way Out of the mouths of babes, as they say....
K x

Sara x said...

I love LF little comments, she is such a wise young lady.

Anonymous said...

You posted the cats into the cardboard recycling bank? No wonder goway ran off...

sarah bess said...

Goway is taking his name too much to heart.


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