Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Some days

Get out of bed, walk into the sitting room
Step in something squishy
Shower the sheepskin rug
Look at the two unused litter trays

Sit down, drink coffee, start to wake up.
Notice acrid eau de tom-cat
Spend rest of day trying to hunt the puddle

Get self and girls organised
Load bus
drive, late, to meet friends

Sit, and swap "I'm tired" stories.
Sit, and take it in turns to have the child who has fallen over, the child who has fallen off the swing, and the child who is choking on a chocolate biscuit.
Sit, and slowly start to wake a little more, swapping stories to make the teenager squirm.

Shop, make a start on some of the Christmas bits
Load bus,
drive home, get hopelessly lost whilst looking for somewhere safe to pull in and deal with backseat emergency
Unload bus, 90 minutes later than planned.
Unload bus, re-enter house and gasp at ongoing acrid odour.

Roll on Monday and school

1 comment:

Riven said...

cats! Who'd have them. One of ours lies to pee on plastic. All of Celyn's equipment comes in can imagine the rest!


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