Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Peace at last?

"Oh no", said Mr Bear, "I can't stand this!"

Mog breathing like a coal train heading up a hill; chuffa chuffa chuffa PHEEEEEEEEE chuffa chuffa pause and chuff.

Two little kittens who lost their mittens scraping their nails across the tiles in the bathroom; scree SCREEEEEEEEEE screeeeeeeee.

One elderly boiler; chug clunk chug kerclunk fwoosh chg kerclunk.

One washing machine; bip beep, bip beep, bip beep.

One neighbour doing DIY; bang crash, bang GCRASH bang bang thumpettythumpettycursecursethud.

And one sitter coming in through the door with a tip tap hellooo?

I'm off to housegroup for some peace!


mq, cb said...

Oh, I do so love your blog.

Whenever anyone asks me why I read this sort of thing, I, someone who has little or no contact with your world, say, "but you should read what this woman has to say".

Having read this entry, I'd say that you'd missed your calling, except that, having read your blog I know that, clearly, you didn't.

Tina said...

Oooh hope most of those noises settle into silence before you return...maybe not Mog's breathing hey? Juat a little quieter maybe.
Hope you are given a special something from housegroup.


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