Thursday, 22 October 2009

The sense of lethargy in this house is overwhelming

Wake up, blow nose, cough, go back to sleep.
Wake up, wipe someone else's cough, go back to sleep.
Get up, get the girls up, get feeds and meds all set up, music and DVDs on, head back to bed.
Be smug about having managed to get everyone dressed and drugged.
Bring littlest one into bed, cuddle up together, go back to sleep.
Find some energy, cook lunch, do lunch time drugs and discover that although larger one's feed was set up, I forgot to turn it on (five hours earlier).
Go back to sleep.

Realise new cleaner is coming next week and house is suffering, decide to tackle bathroom as smallest and therefore hopefully quickest room to clean. Emerge, several hours later, to discover Little Fish has been mimicking my efforts in the sitting room. Only, where I have been sorting items into rubbish, recycling, and really-need-to-find-a-better-place-to-store-that piles, she has been following the "when in doubt, pull if off the shelves and out of the cupboards and stir it around on the floor" method of cleaning.

Attempt to begin process of cleaning sitting room. Get into ridiculous shouting match with Little Fish over her desire to put the kittens in a box and pull it around the floor as opposed to my desire to put paperwork in the box and burn it file it away. Realise this is madness, settle for clearing the settee, and, as a compromise to the cleaning ethic, hoover the crumbs out from under the cushions.

Sit down, exhausted. Realise that although I spent several hours in the bathroom cleaning, I didn't actually clean the floor, sink, bath, or loo. Decide I might not actually be fully functional just yet.

Make macaroni cheese. Eat lots, watch Little Fish do the same. Remind Mog she can eat again once she's gone 24 hours without needing suction - I'm not hoovering cheese. Not after the hummus incident. Begin the getting the girls to bed process. Watch Little Fish vomit the macaroni cheese. Put the girls to bed.

Debate the wisdom of clearing the sitting room which is now officially way past disgusting. Decide instead to sit down again. Take phone call from my mother, who informs me that the adult care team in this county are continuing to attend clients who have swine flu, unlike the children's care team, who have refused to cover our visits this week. Discover I wasn't actually angry about having no care with all three of us ill until I had heard that. Shelve fury as it burns unnecessary energy.

Consider standing up to go to bed, but decide to rest on the chair for just a little while longer first...


Tina said...

sending love assuring you of our prayers and hoping you are all well again very soon.

Anonymous said...

Have been very worried about you all. Glad to hear you are a little better. Didn't want to disturb you by phoning but I am thinking of you all and hoping very much that you are all well soon. Love yvonne xxx

Doorless said...

you poor dear! Praying you are all well soon!

sarah bess said...

Sorry, Tia. Hadn't been keeping up with everyone else while dashing around Hyderabad. Sorry to hear that all of you haven't been feeling well. Hugs and prayers from this corner of the world, my friend. Sorry you're miserable--glad to see your sense of humor is still intact.


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