Sunday, 4 October 2009

Putting the "Or so" into it

Thursday morning
Sunday afternoon"It'll be a week or so" said the builder as he started on Monday. Silly me; I believed in the "week" bit, and tried to park in our new driveway on our return home this afternoon.

Still, the new ramp's nice. Wider than the other one, and with a flat platform at the top; Little Fish can now wheel herself up to the top and knock at the door. Before, she'd take her hands off the wheels to knock and gaily slide back down the ramp. Entertaining for those of us watching, but frustrating for her.

Less nice is the total lack of progress on anything other than the ramp, the piles and piles of supplies spread across the front of my house and spilling over into the road, much to the consternation of our neighbours. And les nice too was the kind way in which the builders had sealed the building site off for the weekend, cunningly blocking access via the ramp for us.

Ah well; watching their progress will give Little Fish something to do for the next week too, and the longer they take outside the longer Mog will have before having to move out of her bedroom for a while. And they can't possibly be as slow as Bob can they? Can they?



Tina said...

So? Is it long enough for the bus or do you not yet know?

Hope they dont turn out to be the new unimproved version of builder!

Welcome home!

Claire said...

Was Bob a real builder? I thought he was a busy friend doing you a favour! I didn't think a paid builder would be so unreliable.


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